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  • Главная English News Urgent appeal to international community another falsification in the course of presidential campaign in Russia

    Urgent appeal to international community another falsification in the course of presidential campaign in Russia

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    On January 18, 2012 self-nominees for the president of the Russian Federation submitted signatures in their support to the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC). Prokhorov, Yavlinsky, Mezentsev submitted two million signatures required, while Svetlana Peunova did only 243 thousand. But Peunova declared it technically impossible to collect 2 million signatures within 20 days allocated by officials. She reported that her representatives in regions attentively watched how other candidate's collectors worked. They concluded other candidates also did not collect 2 million signatures, and could not do that in principle. Electoral experts corroborate the opinion of Svetlana Peunova. Evidences of signatures falsification for the candidate Mezentsev were promulgated. Media caught the group of people during signature fabrication process. Despite of it, Mezentsev submitted those signatures to Electoral Commission. Nevertheless, criminal proceedings against him were not instituted. Yavlinsky and Prokhorov are suspected in a similar activities during the collection of signatures. Obviously Prokhorov gave unreliable information about amount of signatures he collected to Mass Media. It is physically impossible to collect 1 million signatures within 3 days without fraud. It is like to walk from Moscow to St. Petersburg by foot within 3 hours. Obviously his collectors could not do that.

    Svetlana Peunova filed a petition to the Investigation Committee and the Prosecutor's Office with a request to verify the validity of signatures submitted to the CEC. Also, by the experience of prior elections, knowing that government will cover up all violations, Svetlana Peunova demands to draw attention of the general public to signatures verification. Russian citizens are interested in honesty of the candidates to president of the Russian Federation.

    Peunova noted that people's candidate can not lie to public. Her 1759 signature's collectors, volunteers, showed on their example impossibility of collecting 2 million signatures in 20 days. A healthy support of the Svetlana Peuvova candidacy was revealed during the honest signature collection process. But on January 20, 2012 the Central Election Commission (CEC) dismissed Svetlana Peunova from participation in election, while candidates who are suspected in signature's falsification continue their participation. If true that the other candidates collected necessary amount of signatures, then every 20th citizen of Russia signed for one of the candidates. That's hardly true, but nobody pays attention, the scandalous facts are concealed. Media obediently wouldn't broadcast interview with Svetlana Peunova. The only way for the government is to discredit Svetlana Peunova. Smear campaigning is well-tested, but there exist no facts for that.

    The head of the CEC got interested in national warning system organized by the VOLYA (WILL) party in the internet, in order to run informational blockade around candidacy of Svetlana Peunova. Same day all the party's websites were hacked.
    So far, no actions on applications Svetlana Peunova filed have been undertaken. The CEC pretends that nothing has happened. Citizens supporting Svetlana Peunova send hundreds of telegrams to CEC, the Investigation Committee, and the prosecutor's office, but no answer has been reserved. The elective spectacle goes on... Media only covers information in the way convenient to the government, keeping silence about the scandal.

    The Russian Constitution proclaims equal voting rights for all citizens regardless of their party and social affiliation. But Putin waived candidates from Kremlin parties from collection of signatures. Government violates the main law of the country – the Constitution. Currently registered as candidates for president of the RF are people who directly violated the Constitution or are suspected in violation. People again have no candidates to chose from. And again the power intends to chose itself. But it is fatal for people. The current government deprived people of almost all social security and civil rights. It threatens to turn into a bloody riot. People's patience is almost over. All that will inevitably effect the global environment.

    We appeal to international community to: inform the wider community about outrageous laws violations by the government of Russia.

    1. Send telegrams in support of the demands of voters of Svetlana Peunova about verification of signatures submitted by Prokhorov, Yavlinsky and Mezentseva to the CEC of Russia, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office;
    2. demand Russian Central Election Commission to involve representatives of the Russian public and international observers to the procedure of verification of signatures submitted by candidates Prokhorov, Yavlinsky and Mezentsev.


    The group of voters, nominated people's candidate for president Svetlana Peunova
    The Central Council of the unregistered party "THE VOLYA" (WILL)


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